The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Trailer is Awesome

An ongoing theme in my blogs happens to be my occupation as a manager at a movie theatre. This is perhaps because, in an attempt to escape the boring reality of my boring job, I am constantly day dreaming and thinking about more important things I could be doing; like writing.

About a month ago I was wandering around, closing theatre doors after the show starts, all the while thinking. As I closed the doors to one house, a thumping roar caught my attention from a nearby theatre. The bass was hypnotic and I quickly rushed into the theatre, fearing the end of the wild beat. If sirens were real, this cover song would be the tune they’d use to lure my ship to its destruction. I was greeted not by a mythological beast but an excellent techno base riff accompanied by a certain decibel of wailing that my years of Guns N’ Roses loving have taught me to savor like an aged wine.

Trent Reznor and Karen O’s cover for Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” was a feast for the ears. But it was this forward momentum camera angle that captivated my eyes. What could be going on in this vile sounding, gritty looking bit? As the camera moved towards this perfectly symmetrical white winter mansion, the words “Feel Bad Movie of Christmas” plastered on the screen periodically with the beat. And as my mouth fell open I was immediately caught by the gaze of the pierced woman I’d been drooling over. Rooney Mara’s face disappeared as fast as it came followed simply by the word “coming.”

I stumbled out of the theatre awestruck, forgetting I was on the clock and probably needing to divert my attention elsewhere. I knew immediately just by the feel from the trailer that this was the same movie a friend of mine mentioned I should check out a week previously. Time passed, and last week I found myself watching the trailer over and over again in between research of the film as well as its book and Swedish predecessor. I was hooked to the point that I couldn’t take another second of not knowing what happens. Netflix instant saved the day once again and I watched the original.

It lived up to all of my hype. I appreciated the perfect performance from Noomi Rapace and the sweet damsel in distress role of Michael Nyqvist. The film managed to tackle dark themes and sexually violent scenes with great taste.

I’m still just as pumped for the American remake. David Fincher has the perfect pallet for this film and judging by the trailer he captured the material brilliantly. When all is said and done I wouldn’t be surprised if Fincher’s version outshines the original.

And since I have to wait until Christmas 2012 to have a very Tarantino holiday (Django Unchained) I’m looking quite forward to “feeling bad” in the theatres this winter.


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