Kate Upton’s Cat Daddy: The World Thanks God For Bikinis One Size Too Small

The newest viral video craze hits the internet featuring Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton in an ultra-tiny red bikini performing her “Cat Daddy” dance moves during a photo shoot with famed photographer Terry Richardson.

The video clocks in at only 1:01 and features about fifteen seconds of actual “Cat Daddy” but it might be safe to say that over 1.7 million viewers aren’t watching for dance tips.

 The video appears to be an impromptu recording at a low key fashion shoot in the drab hallway of someone’s house. Richardson’s trademark is photographing high-end celebrities in mundane situations.

 The clip shows just that.

 It’s an odd paradox of one of the world’s most notoriously beautiful women flaunting her assets in a shady hallway, lit by a harsh white spotlight and surrounded by yellow lamp lighting, as she busts out her humorous dance moves, biting a lip with a pearly white smile.

 The video was posted to Richardson’s Tumblr page after photographs of Upton in different bikinis and underwear; presumably from the shoot just prior to the filming of the video.

 Surely the world has seen beautiful women in limited clothing before so why is this video becoming such a sensation?

 It’s Upton’s lighthearted and downright silly attitude towards the whole thing that is special. Upton’s charm is differentiating this video from others like it. She doesn’t appear the slightest bit self conscious about looking ridiculous on camera.

At the start of the video she stands next to the awkward looking, plaid shirt wearing, controversial Richardson; known for his literal hands-on approach to sexualizing his shoots which can be seen as he goes to fix the dental floss-sized bikini strap on Upton’s carefully placed top before walking out of shot.

Yet Upton seems to command the shoot even after possibly being put on the spot to recapture her previous viral fame from a clip where she busts out her Dougie dance moves which racked up millions of views.

She does not allow herself to be the jester for too long before halting the dance, fixing her breasts which miraculously stay concealed throughout the shoot, and putting a hand in front of the camera.

Noting he didn’t have much of a clip out of her fifteen seconds of dance, Richardson’s video then rewinds itself and plays once over in slow motion leaving men and boys everywhere drooling.


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