A Shirt and a Psychopath: A Productive Day of Shooting

This has been a pretty productive summer so far. I’ve managed to stay fairly busy with writing and film production related gigs. Thankfully, I haven’t only been freelancing on other people’s shoots. I’ve completed two of the three days needed for production on my newest short film, an untitled addiction story about three people doing their best to cope with their feelings and drugs while being horrified to leave their house. In addition, I had a very successful day of shooting two skits for our YouTube channel. They’ve both been edited and posted and I’m proud of each!

“The Shirt” was the first to be posted followed by the first installment in a recurring character named Dr. Hank Ashley. Dr. Hank is a very weird character that I love and laugh at hysterically. His medical degrees are questionable as he fails to ever have any viable medical advice or expertise. For some reason he was given a self-help, Dr. Phil-style talk show on a public broadcasting network, and he continues to show almost no common sense, empathy for his guests, or understanding of how he should act on television. The results are grand! It was my personal pick for my best performance as an actor which is saying a lot as acting is far down on my list of film expertise. In addition, my co-star Sean Murray does a fantastic job as the scarred Vietnam War veteran. His portrayal is dark and captivating.

“The Shirt” is a little more straight forward, silly comedy. I think it came out great and it owes a lot of credit to the excellent editing of my Director of Photographer, Editor, and film partner, Mike Holst. The skit centers around a pissed off guy who can’t find his favorite shirt and is convinced that the other guy in the house; a silent Chris Holst, has taken the shirt to thwart him. Sean Murray is back in a much more subtle but equally comical role as the Good Cop until he blows up just as bad. When a discontent, side-ponytail wearing, gum cracking girl comes out of nowhere holding the shirt, Chris is immediately forgiven for all wrong doing. End skit. Big laughs. Super weird.

I’m proud of both of these skits and would love to share them with the world and thought a post to the blogging community could help. I think the acting is great, the shots are tight, the cuts are smooth, and the atmosphere is my trademark weird but silly. Give them a view and if you like them, feel free to comment and like the videos, share them on Facebook and Twitter, or even reblog this post! We’re a growing channel with a lot of potential. The hard part is getting our material out to the world. Any assistance in doing so would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading and watching!


One thought on “A Shirt and a Psychopath: A Productive Day of Shooting”

  1. Wow, I just watched both of the videos and I was cracking up. I almost was dying during the shirt. And Dr. Hank is a great character, totally clueless! Can’t wait to see more of him!

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