Today marks the day that I discovered my blog has gotten over 3,000 views after one year and two months of being birthed to the internet. I’m not sure if 3,000 views in one year is a milestone worth bragging about but I feel accomplished.

I wonder who those 3,000 people are. What percentage of them fumbled into my thoughts by mistake, searching for Patrick Bateman or Axl Rose, only to quickly close out the window, as I have done many times myself, when discovering the link is some stranger’s blog?

Just a blog.

Hopefully half, or even a quarter of those views actually poked around a bit; reading at least most of an entire post. I wonder if my thoughts were worth their time; holding any entertainment value?

3,000 views. 6,000 eyes. 48 blog posts. No defining theme amongst them except maybe sorting out my life. But who’s that interest other than me? However, with each post, a reader reads and maybe they take something away, as I do when I read other people’s blogs.

3,000. Ten times more than the Spartans of 300.

I’m thankful for the summer night last year when I started this blog with a bumbling post that had nothing to do with anything, but everything to do with kick starting the engine of this new writing outlet.

3,000 views later and the world hasn’t shifted, ocean tides have not moved as a result of my force, the stars do not shine any brighter, and my coffee doesn’t taste any sweeter. But my fingers tap! tap! away at my keyboard. And I get closer.


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