My First Blog Post from My Smart Phone: An Attempt to Learn How to Blog Daily

This is a blog post written and posted from my iPhone. I’m aware that this is not major news to many bloggers who probably blog on the go all the time but this is nerve wracking territory for me.

I always post from my computer. I make a word document first and proofread and all that good stuff before posting. I’m just waiting to see how many spelling errors and autocorrect fails there will be when I’m done.

Moving on, I’m taking this minuscule step out of my comfort zone because I’m trying to figure out how the hell people can blog on a daily basis without being paid to do so.

I’m an aspiring writer. I write every day in order to get better. I write different types of things though. Not always blogs. In a good month, I’m lucky to have maybe 4-5 blog posts. One or two a week is great.

But I’ve been told before that in order to have a successful blog (whatever that means) and increase traffic then you really need to blog every day. How is it possible for someone with a full time job, going to school, being an avid party animal and good time enthusiast to post a new, entertaining blog every day?

Truthfully, it’s probably not so complicated. I really should learn to trim down my thoughts and post shorter blogs. Keep my topics precise and my thoughts clearly simple.

I’d like to ask my fellow bloggers what they think. How do you maintain a rigorous blogging regime? Do you post on the go? Do you worry that what you’re posting isn’t all that meaningful or “worth” the Internet space it takes up?

Help this nervous, recreational blogger form a steady habit of daily blog injections.


8 thoughts on “My First Blog Post from My Smart Phone: An Attempt to Learn How to Blog Daily”

  1. Ugh. I’m so horrible at keeping up a writing routine. Sometimes I’ll write a lot then there will be long periods of time where I don’t have anything to say at all. And posting from my phone? No way. Too stressful.

    When I get down on myself about not writing I just remind myself that in order to write you need to live. And it’s ok to do that.

    In summary: I have no advice because I’m so shit it at myself. If you learn the secret you’ll have to share.

    1. That’s good advice! I’m a huge believer that writing comes from living. That’s the motivation I give myself to not quit my crappy jobs in an attempt to write all the time. There are times when I get a lot of blog ideas in a month but then like this month I’ve barely had any. I had to force myself to write something to keep this thing going.

      Soon as I find the formula, I’ll blog the hell out of it.

  2. I’m sort of in the same boat as you. I still mainly blog from Word. I could do this from my iPhone or iPad but I like to fix images for my page and mess around with the font. That’s all possible on iOS, but still not as easy as on a PC. iOS really still isn’t an optimal system for productivity.

    1. Yes, I don’t think anything can match the convenience of blogging the “old fashioned” way from a PC. iOS does its best to be convenient but still, it’s a device that is less practical than a computer.

      I think I’ve realized that blogging from an iPhone or on-the-go limits my subject matter. If I have in important piece, only proofreading a Word doc will do. But perhaps for simple, daily thoughts, posting from my iPhone will do.

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. Good luck on posting everyday…thankfully smartphones make this possible to do easily. As for me, I never aim to blog everyday or even every week, because then I would feel that blogging is a task and for me blogging is a break from work (meaning fun).

    1. After posting this piece and thinking it over for a few weeks, I could not agree more with you. I have NOT successfully blogged for even three days in a row and I’m already feeling like it’s an unpleasant task just THINKING up blog topics.

      I believe my preoccupation with posting daily may be over. Blogging has been and will continue to be an outlet for my thoughts that I can’t write fiction for and need to express in first person.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting! Best wishes with your blog and never turning fun into a task.

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