Sorry To Write a Book When I Was Only Required to Write a Comment

“Hey look a new comment! Oh…”

I’m just going to go ahead and start a new category for my blog posts titled “Blogging” because I seem to have been only blogging about blogging lately. This is another attempt at blogging quickly and regularly, without first starting out with a blank Word document and thinking it over to death, in hopes of freeing my mind of burden so I’ll post more often.

I enjoy looking around at other people’s blogs. I always check out the Freshly Pressed page and read the ones that stick out the most. I find I get some of my best independent journalism, funniest stories, and most interesting non-fiction from reading people’s blogs.

And when I like a post, I follow Word Press’ tips and am sure to “like” and comment on it. But when looking at the size of my multi-paragraphed comments compared to other commenter’s, I feel like an overachiever…or worse that kid everyone hates in the classroom.

I try my best to give at least one quoted line from the post and my comments on it as well as other specifics so the writer knows I really read through it and have something to say. And I like to be as positive as possible, always thanking the blogger for sharing, especially if it was a personally honest post.

I just hope people don’t get freaked out by my long-winded commenting approach. If I write a lot, it’s usually because I liked your post a lot. And from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing.

P.S. I love when people reply to my comments with equally long-winded notes. That just makes me feel all warm inside.



6 thoughts on “Sorry To Write a Book When I Was Only Required to Write a Comment”

  1. I was going to leave a long comment, you know, just to be funny, and then I thought that maybe you could take that as being pompous or just plain annoying, so at that point I decided it would be wiser to be safe rather tan sorry and not go out of my way to just pad the comment so that it stretched on and on and on but then again you did sort of say you liked that but then again you didn’t say anything about how you feel about punctuation if I spelled that word correctly because have you ever noticed that there is no spell checker for these little boxes or maybe there is and I don’t know how to use it because I am sort of a computer moron which makes it sort of funny that I have a blog at all or would that be more of an irony but either way ypou look at it I doubt you are still actually reading this comment so I guess I proved my point or maybe I proved your point I forgot what my point was and I never really understood yours except that I seem to remember you said something about all your bloggs being about blogging so maybe we should just talk about that?

  2. That was supposed to be ‘rather THAN sorry’ not tather tan sorry… because that is just weird… but I clicked the button before I proofread my comment, and besides I am a bad speller anyway.

  3. I can totally relate to this. Sometimes I feel so bad for writing such long comments that once I’m done, I end up deleting the entire thing and leaving no comment at all..
    Silly I know!

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